ALTIIS specialist of decorative outdoor floor embodies the most original projects, the most stylish in compliance with the technical requirements of each material.

Our skills :

  • Design and sale of proprietary materials © ALTIIS

with or without

  • Support in setting them up (coaching to installation or full installation)

ALTIIS works with a wide network of experts equipped to solve those technical challenges and specific difficulties inherent in outdoor flooring, ensuring the quality of their production : Nationally recognised expert chemists (specialised in the use of outdoor resins), glass makers, mirror experts, metalworkers, trial laboratories, wood engineers, ‘Compagnons du devoir’ national association of master craftsmen and digital cutting workshops.

As a design office, and facilitator of creativity, ALTIIS helps connect design professionals, and their network of experts, craftsmen, factories and technicians…

ALTIIS wants to make each project a surface “OUT CATALOGUE ” and sustainable.

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