Inlays in natural stone

Sustainable and natural, stone has many aesthetic qualities : its color, grain, texture, finish, etc.

ALTIIS adds a graphic character inlaying two acclaimed architectural materials : stainless steel and high performance coloured concrete.

The Natural Stone Deco range can be used as decorative touch as a porch or a carpet.

This decorative paving is appropriate for creation and renovation and stands as the usual slabs (glued down or pads).

Collection avalaible on ArchiExpo website

  • Natural Stone Deco Inox

    Natural Stone Deco Inox ©ALTIIS 2016
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    The choice of ALTIIS fell on stainless steel for its fastness and aesthetics. Its chic character, modernity, the subtlety of his reflections make it an outstanding ally in outdoor architecture.

    Natural Stone Deco Inox Collection soon !

  • Natural Stone Deco Concrete

    • Natural Stone Deco Concrete ©ALTIIS
    • Natural Stone Deco Concrete ©ALTIIS 2016
    • Natural Stone Deco Concrete ©ALTIIS 2016
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    ALTIIS opted for coloured concrete for its outdoor performance and its wide range of colours. The colourful and matt patterns contrast with the natural stone giving a “cement tile” effect.

    Natural Stone Collection Deco Concrete soon !
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