Outdoor Marquetry

Using the HexaDecor range, marquetry is possible on terraces ! HexaDecor brings a unique decorative touch to the garden, as creation or renovation, whether for outdoor steps or a whole terrace.

Constructed with laminated panels of high-pressure duromer ‘HPL’ (made from 65% natural fibre strips impregnated with twice hardened resin) HexaDecor paving  can be fully customised.

This long lasting, high quality material has an especially effective weatherproof protection, including frost and U.V rays. Its performance has been confirmed by over 60 years of unfaltering outdoor service. Its specialised structure guarantees a non-slip surface and  colours that don’t fade. Come to us with your dreams,  ALTIIS will bring them to life as unique floor modules !

Presentation sheet about modules HexaDecor by ALTIIS – english version sept 2015

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